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CPSC Bans Drop-Side CribsCPSC Bans Drop-Side Cribs

CPSC Bans Drop-Side Cribs

After more than 30 deaths associated with dangerous, drop-side cribs, the government has banned their manufacture, sale and re-sale. The CPSC voted unanimously to outlaw these cribs, which feature a slide rail that moves up and down and can create a space where an infant can become entrapped and suffocate. Over the past decade, these cribs have been blamed for 32 deaths and suspected in another 14 deaths.

The CPSC says that new crib standards will assuredly reduce the number of injuries and deaths associated with cribs. The new standards, hailed a “the strongest in the world,” will demand tougher safety testing and better labeling aimed to reduce instances of crib misassembly.

Having represented a family who lost an infant in a drop-side crib, we know firsthand the damage and trauma these dangerous cribs pose. Kudos to the CPSC for taking this bold step to help protect other families from this senseless tragedy.